SDesignUnit light switches turn a basic household necessity into something sublime

Speaking as someone who ran out of money as she neared the end of her house renovations, I had to make do with basic light switches. So when I saw these beautiful fixtures from Korean company SDesignUnit, I wept copious tears of envy. (Yes, I am a truly shallow individual who believes that true happiness comes with a dimmer knob and a perspex plate.)

The Daelim Apartment range also includes a temperature control unit and a stunning remote-control unit that, rather like my the toys of my childhood — "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" — has a domed base. There's more than a nod to Apple in the design, I think.

While there's nothing so hi-tech as gesture control in the Daelim range, that's no bad thing, since you only have to ask me for the time and I start waving my arms around as if I'm controlling traffic. See the rest of the range below.



I think I need to earn more money — because that would make me happy, right?