Samsung camera trick: How did they do it?

Here's a little puzzle for you: How did Samsung create this viral video? Beyond that, how did the company get all this free advertising all over the web for this HD camcorder-packing cell phone?

Because we're suckers for a good camera trick, that's how. Clever, Samsung, on both counts. But you didn't get us to name this particular cell phone model, or write about it specifically, so there.

Can you guess how it's done? Want to know?

Nice job, Samsung. First of all, the company's no stranger to creative viral video, as evidenced by this excellent coolness about solid-state disks we showed you last month.

Guess: Notice how unusually thick that "mirror" is. It's actually a flat panel HDTV in a convincing, mirror-like frame, showing a video of the same guy, and carefully choreographed and timed to seem like it's all in real time.

Are we wrong? Discuss.

UPDATE: Yes, I was wrong. See how it was done here.

Via YouTube