Robot lawnmower now smart enough to text you if it gets in trouble

Mowing the lawn is low on our list of fun things to do in the summer, so this Husqvarna Automower 260 ACX would be a welcome sight on our rarely-manicured lawns. This electric bot takes it a step further than its predecessors, texting your cell phone if it sees any varmints on your lawn, or runs over the neighbor's dog while you're lounging about.

Robotic lawnmower tech must be the way of the future, and Swedish company Husqvarna is taking the lead, even introducing a solar hybrid model last year. The helpful robots are plenty quick, too, mowing down a half acre lot's worth of grass in about 45 minutes — that gives it 15 minutes to spare, because it runs for 60 minutes until it needs charging again.

But does it give you those neat little tire tracks, all lined up in orderly rows? Probably not. Let's bypass the whole grass farming thing altogether, going even greener by planting some realistic-looking Astroturf.

Husqvarna, via CrunchGear