Remote-controlled car lights up and breakdances

Here at DVICE, we like our toys. Some of us like what can only be described as cruddy toys — slightly tacky things that are cheapo-cheapo and will probably break down after about 30 minutes' use. But hey, even big kids aren't averse to chucking their toys out of the pram sometimes. This remote-controlled light-up remote control car does something that other RC cars can't do: It transforms into a body-popper, slamming itself against walls, and flipping, windmilling. Not sure whether it does the coffee grinder move, but then again, I'm not exactly sure what move the coffee grinder is.

At just 10 bucks, this RC car is the perfect thing to bring into the office on a Friday afternoon — that is, if your office is like the DVICE one. As head honcho of our European location, I'm going to devise a team-building exercise and build it round this car. Check the video below of the car in action, along with another image, and have yourselves a very merry weekend!

Chinavasion, via technabob