ProPrompter ProMag uses iPhone to make you look smart on camera

Now you can appear to know what you're talking about, speaking while you look right into the lens of the tiniest camcorder while magically reading a script off your iPhone. Bodelin ProPrompter ProMag magnifies text you've entered into the iPhone, and then using a one-way mirror, places it directly in front of a camcorder lens, smoothly scrolling by at your choice of seven speeds that can be changed on the fly.

Heck, now you can read teleprompter just like the president or a news anchor, making scripted announcements and seeming like you just thought them up, blurting out profound statements as if they were off the top of your head. And the price is right — $695 gets you the iPhone/iPod touch app from the Apple App Store, along with this smoke-and-mirrors paraphernalia to perform your seemingly-unscripted magic. There are a couple of cheaper models, too:

These two ProPrompters include the iPhone software, and a special bracket that places either your iPhone/Pocket PC/iPod touch (pictured above) or a 7" VGA flat panel alongside your camcorder. These aren't nearly as good, because you won't be looking right into the camera, which is always noticeable unless you're far away from the lens.

But these inferior methods are a whole lot cheaper. The bracket with the iPhone software is $99, the kit with the 7-inch display and iPhone software is $395. All these prices are specials for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas; ships April 20th.

Bodelin, via Businesswire