Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle 2 combines lighting and protection in a portable package

We keep shouting out our overwhelming approval of the Amazon Kindle 2, but still notice its main drawback: it doesn't have that read-anywhere goodness, because its screen isn't backlit. The Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle 2 solves that problem, packing a retractable reading light inside its leather folio that also has room for a notepad and writing utensils.

That retractable periscope looks like a monocle, and it ought to be bright enough because it's packing two LEDs. It's flat enough to retract into the spine of its cover, closing flush into a nice compact package. The company says its three AA batteries will last 40 hours, and you can also buy a separate AC adapter if you're thinking of going on a non-stop reading marathon.

It costs a steep $50, pricier than the simple $19.35 Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light, also with two LEDs and made specifically for the Kindle. But then if you add Amazon's $30 Kindle 2 leather cover, you've spent just about the same amount. The Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle 2 (there's also one for the Kindle 1) looks like a more compact package. Might be worth checking out.

Via Periscope Light