Nintendo DSi won't work with the old stylus, power cord (but it still rocks)

Jeff Gerstmann and the crew over at Giant Bomb got their hot little hands on a DSi before Nintendo's highly anticipated handheld hits the shelves this Sunday. Their verdict? It's svelte and awesome just as expected, and — as we all probably should have expected — none of the old DS and Lite power cords or accessories will work with the DSi. Still, as someone who never bought a Lite (boy, should I have), I'll readily upgrade to the DSi. If you're happy with your Lite, waiting for a price drop may not be too painful.

Here are a couple of predictions, just for fun:
• I'm never going to play anything requiring the cameras.
• YouTube is going to be filled with some awesome videos of people doing crazy things with the audio mixer.
• I'm going to download classic titles through the DSi game library that I already own, just because I have to own 3 copies of everything Nintendo ever made, apparently.

Click Continue to see the full video of the DSi unboxing.

Via Giant Bomb