Nikon Ecobin binoculars are eco-friendly, green in two ways

How appropriate for Nikon to create green-friendly binoculars, a fave tool of birdwatchers. Birders care about the destruction of our planet, so they'll like that Nikon has taken all the toxic waste out of manufacturing these 10x25 Ecobin field glasses.

Nikon's good citizenry consists of lead- and arsenic-free Eco-Glass lenses, non-chloride rubber eyepieces, biodegradable case and strap, and eco-friendly packaging. And hey, they're waterproof, fogproof and weigh a mere 12.9oz. Not bad. Birdwatchers and voyeurs might not balk at their $169.95 price, either.

But if you think birders are wusses and want a man's pair of binocs, check these out, used by the Special Forces. You he-man, you.

Nikon, via Gizmag