R/C plane lights up the night with 30 meters of LEDs

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a radio-controlled plane and 1800 LEDs? Watch the night flight of Walter Colby's Lanzo Record Breaker, an 8-foot wingspan R/C aircraft festooned with six lengths of 5-meter LED strips powered by three battery packs. There's a total of 30 meters' worth of LED illumination attached to the wings and fuselage. "I know I said 6 meters in the video, but I was nervous," Walt added.

This was just a test flight of this lit-up beauty — Walt starts high-altitude flights later this month. He promises to post an HD video of his plane's next dazzling foray into the inky wild blue, joking that he'll "include the 911 calls at no extra charge." So this is the explanation for all those UFO reports. Mystery solved.

Via Trends Now