Miraculous wine glass holds drinks galore in its gravity-defying reserve tank

Is this a joke? The Glass Tank is a design concept that supposedly replenishes your drink from its bulbous appendage, keeping a constant amount of grog in your glass. Could it actually work without painting the front of your shirt the deep red color of your favorite Beaujolais?

As the designers say in simple terms, "It is a glass for drinking a lot." We're just wondering, is this a design that was created while drinking a lot? The designer says the glass never overflows "because of air pressure and water pressure." Insert miracle here. Is it us, or is this impossible?

Rocket scientists, plumbers, smarty-pants commenters — help us out here, because if this thing works, it would be a great conversation piece at a party, as well as a convenient way to get tanked. And when stopped for driving erratically, you could truthfully blurt out, "Yes, officer, I had just one drink."

Kyouei Design, via Trendsnow