Mini guitar amps rock your inner guitar hero

Who doesn't want to be a rock star? Anyone? Didn't think so. Now, you can make it a reality with this series of functioning mini amplifiers, modeled after the real powerhouses your fav guitar hero uses.

The Marshall half-stack and Orange Crush are great little practice amps, both with a headphone output so you can practice discretely. They run either on a 9V battery or AC power. The Marshall won't shake any walls with its 2-watt output, but it's better than nothing. The Orange has 3 watts of power for its 4-inch speaker. A bit nicer.

The US Blues amp has a guitar input, but also adds a miniplug input, so you can hook up any MP3 player and rock out. Its 4-inch speaker is powered by a 4-watt amplifier. Still nothing ground-rattling, but still better than an air guitar.

The prices range from $60 for the US Blues amp to $72 for the Orange Crush.

For those about to rock, we salute you.

Urban Outfitters via Technabob