Livio Radio rocks the free Pandora music, no PC required

Will this Livio Radio make me abandon my beloved, yet aging Tivoli "Model Satellite," featuring Sirius Satellite Radio? Well, Livio is specifically made for web-based Pandora, a free site that lets you pick your favorite tunes and then it chooses similar music. The radio even has thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons, just like the Pandora site, to let you teach it which songs you like best. For music listening, sounds like Livio slam-dunks Sirius.

Hook this $150 box up to Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and you have yourself tons of free music that you're practically guaranteed to like. There's even a stereo Line Out jack, so you can hook up external speakers and a subwoofer. Pandora not enough for you? Connect to zillions of free Internet radio stations (which a Tivoli radio also does). This could be the last of the satellite radio killers, as if it's not dead already.

Livio Radio, via Gizmodo