Kyocera EOS phone features sexy/flexy OLED screen, more astonishing tech

Kyocera takes us into the future of cell phoniness with this EOS phone, slapping one astonishing tech on top of another. First up is its flexible OLED display that lets you fold it up like a wallet. Second is its shape-memory buttons that pop out from their flush position right when you need them.

The kicker is its kinetic energy power, working like a self-winding watch to keep it perpetually in the juice. Either that or you have to work it like an old-timey Pitcher Pump just to make a phone call. Let's hope not. We're thinking the Kyocera EOS's creator, industrial designer Susan McKinney, might not have that part quite worked out yet.

Take the jump to see another pic of this sexy design concept splayed out with its wide screen showing:

Be still my heart.

Core 77, via In Habitat