Kohler Flipside: Are four shower heads better than one?

It's the challenge of almost all technological progress: How do you add more features without adding more complexity? We think one of the best answers we've seen recently is the Flipside hand-shower head by Kohler, which manages to cram four independent streams into one head. While most heads use filters to adjust the water flow, the Flipside's runs the water through a different opening every time you rotate the head 90°.

Kohler sent a Flipside our way, and we're pleased to say it's almost as simple to install as it is to use. The main head made our morning shower feel like standing under a waterfall, while the massage settings ranged from a gentle mist to staccato raindrops. Due to drop May 1, the Flipside will sell for $125 $107. That's quite a bit steeper than most of the wares at Home Depot, so we put the question to you: Is this shower upgrade worth it?

UPDATE: Kohler just contacted us to mention that the list price of the Flipside is $107; retail will likely be lower.

Via Kohler