K-Light Solar Lantern boasts 20 hours of operation after soaking in some sun

PiSAT Solar's K-Light LED lantern may be just what you're looking for if you're the outdoor type. Only the size of a soda can and weighing in at just shy of a pound and a half, the 16-LED K-Light comes with its own little solar panel so you can charge it up during the day. The lantern can be used as a flashlight, too, and operates on either a low or high setting. High uses all 16 LEDs, offering about an hour of life for every hour the lantern's charged; low uses 8 LEDs, at two hours per charge.

According to PiSAT, "the K-Light was created by missionary doctors and a missionary engineer in response to the hazards of fuel-based lighting" in areas where cheap, renewable solutions offer a serious boon, such as in Africa. What can you take away from that? It's designed to be rugged, waterproof and last a long time.

PiSAT sells the K-Light Solar Lantern for $50.

Via PiSAT Solar