Illuminant pendant lamp design almost eschews wire for something more aesthetic

You already know how much I like lighting, so is it any surprise that I've picked Kristina Birna Bjarnadottir's lamp to write about today? Made from the same reflective fabric used in safety clothing, the Icelandic designer's Illuminant pendant light is ingenious on so many levels. For starters, there is no wire coming from the lamp itself, which is suspended on fishing twine. An LED uplighter is placed on the floor beneath, illuminating the translucent shade. It's the most ethereal jellyfish I've ever seen!

You can change the color of the light by placing different-colored disks on top of the uplighter — Bjarnasdottir worked with red, violet, blue and brown on the project. And then there's the way the lamp reflects delicate floral patterns of light onto the ceiling. Illuminant, the final project of the former Iceland Academy of the Arts student, made its debut at a design fair in Reykjavik last week. Let's hope it's not the last we see of it because, as we can see from the gallery below, Ms Bjarnadottir's design deserves to be put into production.

Via Dezeen