iHouse faucet has face-recognition technology — say What?

Face-recognition technology is sorta old hat by now. We've seen it in vending machines in Japan, in cameras — even the latest version of iPhoto lets you sort your snaps using a face-detection system. And now it's come to faucets. Yep, you heard it right. Upmarket household-tech company iHouse has just brought the SmartFaucet, which has a touchscreen control on the top of it. As well as those colored lights that indicate the temperature of your water and which, IMHO, are a bit, shall we say, tacky, there's face-recognition technology. That means that each householder can program the tap to spew out exactly the right temperature of water for their liking each time they stand in front of the tap.

It doesn't stop there: You can also read your e-mails while you're brushing your teeth (I see this appealing to Masters of the Universe who have no friends), check your calendar and even find out the weather. But could it pick you an outfit according to the external temperature, saving you having to flick through your wardrobe on those semi-hungover, indecisive days? Now that would be smart.

Via Born Rich