iFake: China unleashes new mini-iPhone knockoff

Perhaps the oddest thing about the latest faux iPhone from China is that it actually could have been an interesting product without all the Apple fakery. Although the CECT m188 doesn't sport the Apple logo on its body, the design is all iPhone shrunken down to the size of a credit card. Even the box the phone comes in mimics the iPhone, working hard to duplicate that new Apple product experience. But the differences are plenty, including the ability to use a docked-based phone keypad, a touch screen stylus, dual SIM cards, FM radio and video recording.

At least those are the claims made by the stores selling the device, but if you read some user comments it appears that you may be gambling with your cash (the unit sells for $103 here) if you decide to ride the fake train. Interestingly, while the makers of the device diligently kept the Apple logo off the packaging and hardware, when the phone's software starts up you're met with the standard Apple logo that you'd see on the iPhone. You can check out video of the CECT m188 in action here.

Via Technabob