iBloom: plant-growing iPhone app for green freaks

In case you missed all the stories on eco-friendly tech, it's Green Week here at NBC Universal (which owns SCI FI and DVICE). One of the ways our parent is trying to spread the word about environmental issues is via an iPhone app called iBloom. Sort of like the iPhone version of those Tamagochi toys from eons ago, the app asks you to nurse a flower from seed to fully petaled adult, keeping it well fed and watered. Neglect it, though, and you'll have nothing but a withered weed.

The time frame for the plant to grow is surprisingly quick at first, though the newer plants you unlock take longer. The action is pretty light — the only things you have to do are feed your plant (shake the phone), water it (tilt the phone) and keep the air clean (blow into the mic) at various intervals — but it's refreshing to have an game that's not purely touchscreen- or accelerometer-based. Its green themes may just be preaching to the converted, but at least said converted don't have to pay for it.

Via Green Is Universal