Hustler Zeon electric mower brings the hissing of summer lawns back to your neighborhood

What's big, yellow, and eats grass? Not another dated Bennett Cert joke, but the Hustler Zeon. An all-electric lawnmower that turns on a dime, this dinky little machine has just come onto the market — although there is, as yet, no price. A full charge of 16 hours gives you 80 minutes of garden trim time, and a standing ovation from your neighbors as the Zeon will depilate your turf in complete silence.

While its lines may not be as race-tracky as some mowers, it's still more fun than trailing despondently up and down the lawn behind what amounts to nothing more than a glorified vacuum cleaner. There´s no steering wheel, just two handles on each side of the seat, which gives the Zeon its zero-degree turning circle. Top speed is seven miles per hour (hang on to your gardening hat, Maud) and I'm looking forward to the the headline "Cops lose senior citizen DUI on silent electric mower." Because it will happen, you know it will.

Hustler Turf via Boing Boing