Human Regenerator is one expensive piece of scientific hooey

With a name like "The Human Regenerator," you know it's a pretty ambitious device. But what exactly does that name mean? Well, the Human Regenerator is a "Quantum-Pulse-Device that imitates and generates the cellular body's natural frequencies. The machine helps regenerate unsound cells, strengthens the immune system and enhances skin structure. Making use of the theories of quantum physics, the advanced magnetic rays from the life machine recharge the cells in the body with positive energy." Ohhh-kay.

Does any of that mean anything? That's anybody's guess. But with so many scientific claims, you know this thing expensive. But even in the realm of expensive crap, this one is expensive: a whopping $553,400. Maybe you should just stick to aromatherapy salts and bubble baths for your human regeneration.

Human Regenerator, Via BornRich