HP unveils baby-sized home server that might be just good enough

Got a lot of computers around your house and an extra $390 lying around? You might want to look into HP's newest MediaSmart Server, the HP MediaSmart LX195, which is barely bigger than an external hard drive, but does a whole lot more. After rumor and speculation ran rampant, HP decided to officially unveil its smallest of servers, giving you the ability to automatically back up every PC and Mac in the house without lifting a finger.

This is not a powerful server, though. It's equipped with a slowpoke Intel Atom 230 processor running at 1.6GHz, and has a single 640GB internal SATA drive, so it's not going to be winning any performance or storage-space accolades. But speed is not its forte — it's just going to give you dependable backups, as well as provide a place for files to reside so all your computers can easily access them — and if you want more storage, there are four USB ports waiting for you to add external drives.

We've been testing this unit's big brother, an HP MediaSmart EX487, and we can tell you that having a server around is a whole lot more useful and convenient than we thought it would be. This smaller MediaSmart LX195 won't be able to do the heavy lifting like its bigger sibling, balking at the newer features such as converting video for iPods, streaming video files and such, but as a backup machine, audio/photo streamer, and file server for the whole house, this little LX195 might be just good enough.

Via HP