Custom-made Pip-Boy 3000 uses an iPod touch, now just needs apps

A fellow by the name of Joe Carver did what probably should have been done in the first place — he turned the Pip-Boy 3000 clock that came with the Amazon Survival Edition of Fallout 3 into a something closer resembling the one in the game. That's an iPod Touch he's stuffed in there, and so far there's no real interface, just a slideshow of pictures. This thing needs a gen-u-wine Fallout-themed app, stat. Right now, it seems the only thing out there he could toss on there is Hackboy, which helps with the word scramble hacking system in the game.

The first thing I'd do with a real, working Pip-Boy 3000? Take the "Lady Killer" perk. Ha-cha-cha! Check out a video of the Pip-Boy after the jump.

Via Gizmodo