HD iPhone rumored to be on the way

Interesting rumors are flying about the meaning behind a sales memo from Apple. According to PhoneNews, Apple has told retailers to put Apple Composite AV Cables and Component AV Cables on clearance. Why you ask?

Here's the purely speculative part. Apple is said to be coming out with a single AV cable that will support both component and composite to work with both HDTV and standard-def. One rumor states that Apple will offer a new iPhone and iPod touch with higher resolution screens to support HD.

Of course, iPhone users will need HD content. Apple has started carrying HD movies on iTunes, and there are also rumors that Apple will let the iPhone use Wi-Fi for local networks with HD streaming, as a option to using Apple TV.

While this is all purely speculative at the moment, it seems that all the pieces are falling into place as Apple takes on HD. It's all good for watching movies on the go, but would you use your iPhone as an HD streaming device in your home? Might make taking a call mid-movie a bit complicated.

via Electronista