Got tape? Then you need this cassette digitizer

If you still have a dusty box filled with cassettes of your first mix tapes, your third grade recital, or your favorite bootleg concert, you need the MV-CM001U Cassette to Digital device.

This simple system features a USB port so you can save music on your PC — sorry Mac, this only works with Windows XP or Vista. You can choose between MP3, WMA or WAV formats — bitrates are selectable between 32/64/128/192/320 kbps. It also has RCA inputs, so you could pass through the audio from a turntable or other analog device. A built-in mono speaker helps you cue up the tape - with 1.5 watts and only a mono signal, you won't want to do serious listening here.

How much will it cost you to save your precious memories? The MV-CM001U hits the streets in Japan on April 24 at $80. What you do with the cassettes after you transfer them is up to you.

Via CrunchGear