Glow-in-the-dark sneakers from New Balance light up the dancefloor

On one hand — or should that be foot? — these Bamboo Rake sneakers from New Balance are fantastic, because they glow in the dark. Think of the fun you can have with people when they scope you in them. "Gee, thanks," you can say. "I've just finished my shift at the nuclear power plant where I work." Then you can watch, impassively, as they back away. Fast.

A collaboration between New Balance, Mita and the FRAT creative collective, the sneakers (model number MT5765, if you're interested) have a printed skull on the tongue and a rope on the back and are coated with some sort of phosphate paint — either Zinc Sulfide or Strontium Aluminate. However, I do think the shape of the shoes is a little pedestrian. There's something a little bit too "pub shoe" about them for my liking — luminescent paint aside, it's the kind of sneaker your dad might wear for a trip down his local for a couple of pints on a Sunday morning.

Nice Kicks via talk2myShirt