Get a brand-new Sega Dreamcast, 10 years later

Sure, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are great consoles. They have awesome games, killer graphics and robust online networks. But are they the best consoles ever? Gaming superfans would say no. Because they love the Dreamcast.

And while before you had to scour eBay for old, used Dreamcasts to get your Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi fixes, ThinkGeek is now offering brand-new, in-box Dreamcasts for a mere $99. This is unbelievable. So whether or not you're a diehard with a crusty old Dreamcast or a fanboy wannabe looking to see what the fuss is about, now's your time to get a brand new Dreamcast for less than a hundy. Oh man.

ThinkGeek via Kotaku