Fujitsu's secure USB — this unit will self-destruct…

Data security is big business, and not just for big businesses. Anyone's who's lost sensitive information, or even had personal files stolen can relate. Fujitsu has come up with two clever ways to protect your data stored on a USB drive.

They have a USB memory device with a built-in processor and battery that will erase data after a certain period of time or if it's plugged into an unregistered computer.

The other new technology is file redirect software that not lets the data on the self-erasing USB drive get accessed from an authorized computer, but it keeps the data from being stored except to a specified server, or even emailed or printed. Read-only for sure.

The products are in beta testing right now. So, without worrying about it getting stolen or falling into the hands of the bad guys, you can take your confidential or classified work home with you and work all night long. Is that a good thing?

Fujitsu via OhGizmo!