FluGen creates a painless gadget for delivering swine flu vaccine

There might be a Swine Flu shot in the near future for you, but who wants to get stabbed by a sharp needle? It makes us dizzy just thinking about it. But help could be on the way. The brainiacs at FluGen figured out a way to deliver vaccine just under the skin, and not into the muscle, which is what hurts so much.

This nifty disposable micro device is a Swine Flu fighter that's about the size of a poker chip, and with a quick button press, its tiny pump sends the vaccine into a set of micro needles that are barely embedded into the top layer of your skin. You can hardly feel them.

While not the first idea of its type, FluGen's version is probably going to become reality soon, given the current Swine Flu outbreak. Even better news is that for some reason, this type of multi-pronged shallow injection is more effective against the flu. Also, more people will probably show up for the shot, since it's allegedly painless. Good timing — bring it on.

Via Reuters