Fishing rod controller for Xbox 360 coming this Fall

This Fall sees a new fishing game called The Strike coming out, courtesy of Griffin International, for the Xbox 360, and it comes with a pretty realistic piece of kit — a fishing pole. And should any of you feel that casting for virtual catfish isn't so interesting, think of the alternative uses you can have for the rod: practising your putting on the lawn; a lumpy light saber; hitting your kid brother over the head when you've had enough of his mischief; and of course, my favorite, air geetar.

We've already seen a transparent Xbox 360 but to make this fishing rod really zing, someone needs to waterproof it ready for home aquariums. There's a video below with a preview of the game, which will be available with the rod for $69.99 — forward to around 2.30 to see the rod in action.

Crave Via Gizmodo