Festo's robotic penguins are bionic, cuter than Man from Atlantis

Nothing like the robotic penguins we've covered in the past, german robotic company Festo's aqua penguins must surely get the prize for most awe-inspiring robot of 2009. Although the head shape is more redolent of a shark than a penguin, these life-size bionic birds are absolutely incredible.

Hydrodynamic, these robots can manoever in a small place and, unlike their real-life counterparts, can swim backwards. They carry 3D sonar which enables them to communicate with other penguins. The aqua penguin's half-brother is the air penguin, which resembles a shiny chrome blimp which, although breathtaking, is not quite so cute as its water-based relative. See them gliding around underwater courtesy of Festo's promotional video below.

Festo Via OhGizmo!]