Epically ugly surround-sound headphones

Virtual surround headphones aren't new, but Zalman has come out with headphones that produce a real surround option - nothing virtual here. Problem is, they're about the butt-ugliest and bulkiest headphones we've seen lately.

The Zalman ZM-RS6F+M 6-Channel Surround Sound Headphones + Microphone (geez, the name is as bulky as the headphones themselves) use six discrete drivers to create a sense of front and rear usually not found in normal stereo headphones.

The headphones come with an adapter to plug into the surround sound card from your computer — you'll need a card with separate outputs for each channel. Too bad you can't use the Zalman's with your iPod or other portable device — for $57, you should be able to use them anywhere you want.

The headphones fold up, but it looks like they're even bigger when they're folded up. How is that possible? It might be easier to just strap your Bose home theater speakers to your head. Might look better too.

Brando via OhGizmo!