12 amazing egg-shaped gadgets for Easter

It's that time of year: Easter means Easter eggs, and we're bringing you an egg-extravaganza of egg-citing devices, sure to be egg-actly what you need to fulfill both your gadget and Easter cravings. Plus, they're all calorie-free — not a single Peep or Cadbury Crème Egg in the bunch. Unfortunately.

Proceed, then, to feast your eyes on a dozen of our favorite egg gadgets, including one ovoid device designed to help you make the perfect egg. Grab a chocolate bunny and hit the jump for DVICE's Easter basket.

2006_Colani_Yellow_Egg_city-car_01.jpg1. The Yellow Egg City Car (no pricing available)
This is an electronic mini-vehicle designed for city streets. This shiny yolk-yellow orb has room for two, so you can both look stylin' tooling in the Easter parade. Designer Luigi Colani has said that cars should be "simpler, streamlined, lightly built, and should go from A to B with a smile…" We're smiling, Luigi.

SonyRolly.png2. Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player ($400)
Nothing screams springtime celebration more than a dancing music player. The Rolly plays MP3 and AAC files from its 2GB memory, streams Bluetooth audio, and did we mention that it dances?

oei2.jpg3. Our Energy Information light switch (no price available)
Earth Day 2009 is just twelve days after Easter. That could be the reason the designers of this conceptual energy conservation tool chose an egg for its design, but more likely they did it because it was easy and cute. The colorful display shows how much energy your home is using, as well as the rest of your neighbors. Might want to have your Easter dinner outside to save energy.

Zapi.jpg4. Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer ($30)
Easter jellybeans are fun to eat, but your dentist might think differently. No worries. The Zapi will make sure your toothbrush is up for the challenge. In seven minutes, this rocking and rolling UV sanitizer will kill up to 99.9% of germs. Die, germs, die.

sega-toys-homestar-pure-buy.jpg5. Sega Toys Homestar Pure Planetarium ($140)
This portable home planetarium projects the stars of the night sky onto the ceilings of your home with two Northern Hemisphere Star discs that you can manually rotate to check out the constellations, along with a constellation guide, in Japanese. Here are a few hints: on Easter Sunday, Mercury will be in excellent viewing position in the southwestern sky, and look for Libra, too. April 14 starts the April Fireballs meteor shower. Just in case you wanted to know.

beepegg.jpg6. The BeepEgg ($22)
Here's an egg-shaped gadget that helps you cook eggs perfectly. Store the BeepEgg, the singing egg timer, in the fridge with the rest of your eggs so it knows what temperature they are. Toss them all in boiling water and the BeepEgg starts playing "Killing Me Softly" when your eggs are soft-boiled. "Carmina Burana" means you've got a perfect hard-boiled egg. What a happy way to start the day.

KEF3002.png7. KEF KHT3005SE Home Theater Speakers ($1,750)
Settle in to watch "The Greatest Story Ever Told" with this home theater speaker system, featuring five egg-shaped satellite speakers and a wonderfully ovoid subwoofer. We just wish it was available in eggshell white instead of high-gloss silver.

philips_livingcolors.jpg8. Philips Living Colors Light ($215)
Create an Easter-egg palate of colors with this LED light, capable of producing 16 million colors with adjustable brightness and color intensity. It comes with an egg-shaped remote control, too. Oooh, pretty.

Lomme9_new.jpg9. Lomme Bed ($55,582)
Kind of like a chicken returning to the womb, the Lomme bed is a luxurious cocoon of relaxation, with concealed lighting, sound and massage therapy. Plus it has a magnetic shell to protect against stray magnetic fields and harmful rays. Just hope a giant chicken doesn't sit on it.

photoegg.jpg10. Photo-egg Digital Photo Frame ($24)
Sometimes, an idea sounds better on paper. This adorable collection of LCD photo frames is cute enough, but with a 1.5-inch screen and 128 x 128-pixel resolution, you'll have to do some serious squinting to see your images. But then again, cute sometimes wins over function. Does Easter have an equivalent to stocking stuffers?

usbegg.jpg11. USB Card Reader/Speaker/Hub in an Egg ($15)
This handy all-in-one device conceals stereo speakers inside its center — no yolk. It will swap data directly between cards and is powered through the USB connection. Too bad you have to crack it open to use the speakers.

nesttdvice2.jpg12. Nestt Car Seat (No price available)
Keeping young chicks safe and sound is every parent's number 1 priority. The Nestt egg car seat looks like it does just that. Fashioned with steel and memory foam for impact protection, it swivels to make it easy to get the kids in and out. Mother Nature thinks the egg shape is best protection for growing tykes, don't you?