DroboPro gives you 16TB of fast network storage

Have oodles of data to store? Unless you need more than 16TB (that's about sixteen trillion bytes), this eight-bay DroboPro ought to do the trick. You can attach it directly to a PC or Mac via USB or FireWire 800, or hook it up to Gigabit Ethernet as network-attached storage (NAS) for quick 100MB/s iSCSI data transfers. Hey, that's way more than fast enough for 1080p video viewing over a network.

Aimed at pro photographers and video editors, its BeyondRAID intelligent storage tech makes it smart enough to keep working without losing data even if two of its drives fail at the same time. All this coolness doesn't come cheap — it's going to smack you down for $1300, and that's before you put any drives into it.

Drobo, via Engadget