Denon turntable hides USB digital transfer powers in an old school body

Amazingly, there are still legions of vinyl fans grudgingly transferring their tunes to a digital format in a number of clunky ways. A new entry in the analog-to-digital toolbox is Denon's DP-200USB. A refreshingly classy device (read: it doesn't look like a time machine), the unit could easily be mistaken for a turntable of old until you get a close look at the USB port built to facilitate the digital transfers of your favorite discs to a USB flash drive or PC hard drive.

Unfortunately, the bundled software only works with Windows XP and Vista, so Mac users are out of luck. Perhaps the most attractive thing about the DP-200USB is its price: just $250 to usher your collection into the 21st century, available here.

Via Rakuten