Cyberdyne HAL exoskeletons on sale for cheap: $4,200

When you think of exoskeletons, you probably don't think "cheap," but $4,200? People spend more than that for high-end gaming computers.

Cyberdyne is gearing up to mass produce 400 of its "Hybrid Assistive Limb" exoskeletons annually, selling first to interests in Japan, then perhaps the rest of the world. The company intends the suit less for personal interest and more for "rehabilitation support and physical training support in medical field, ADL support for disabled people, heavy labour support at factories, and rescue support at disaster sites, as well as in the entertainment field." But, hey, if the market exists, Cyberdyne will ramp up production and — who knows? — maybe all of us will be running around in our very own exoskeletons.

Considering that Cyberdyne was planning late last year to rent its suits for $2,200, just $2,000 more to own one doesn't sound bad at all. Naturally, you won't find these at your local exoskeleton store — those seriously interested will have to go through the company.

Cyberdyne, via BotJunkie