Comment Spotlight: Cyberdyne exoskeleton (not yet an endoskeleton) inspires awe

Like kitchens? Not as much as we like kitchens. Trust me, it's scary how much we love culinary gadgetry. Check out some weekend kitchen porn with 8 of the most outrageous food gadgets money can buy.

Here are more buzzed-about stories from the week:

Cyberdyne HAL exoskeletons on sale for cheap: $4,200
EvilPumpkin is working out an alliance with the robots right this moment: "I still can't believe someone would name their robot company Cyberdyne from the Terminator films and their product HAL after the crazed computer in 2001."

Human Regenerator is one expensive piece of scientific hooey
Namelessme is one cheap piece of human hooey: "Adam Frucci is one cheap piece of human hooey. Watch my comment be deleted now." (We can do this forever, Namelessme.)

Tweenbot robot an experiment in social interaction
Artee Decco knows a thing or two about suspicious packages: "Surprised they didn't go into a full blown panic and call out the bomb squad for "an unusual package". Nice to see there's some helpful people out there. Droid power!"

Why 3D movies are here to stay this time
Stan works at Pixar: "I don't know if I'd go by DreamWorks for what's going to take in tech. For years they pushed DTS digital audio over Dolby Digital. Have you seen a DTS audio logo in a theater recently?"

Samsung camera trick: How did they do it?
Jas came up with the only possible solution: "Fake... I've worked with that guy before, he's a vampire and doesn't normally have a reflection, luckily he's also a twin so it all worked out for the best"

Test: How much better are solid-state drives over hard disks?
Old Man Dotes doesn't dote on his drives: "The G.Skill 64GB SSD is significantly less expensive; $139 at New Egg. 2.5-inch form factor, and a 2.5-to-3.5-inch adapter is nowhere close to $700, so I think the Seagates are priced like a Dell XPS — you pay a whole lot of money for the same thing everyone else has, but you get to claim it's better because it costs more."