Comment Spotlight: Anger, exasperation over looming bandwidth caps

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SHIFT: The end of television
Anonymous is dusting off the radio: "And now Time-Warner wants to stifle all innovation, putting data caps on their internet service. You'll eat up your bandwidth in a hurry, with YouTube and Hulu. They want to charge $150/month for unlimited bandwidth, now."

Time Warner reveals details of broadband capping scheme
T1Rex knows a thing or two about dinosaurs: "The fact that the cable companies need to protect themselves from streaming video indicates that they are not ready for the reality that video is the new text. Their networks were designed for a day when Web browsing and casual emailing were king."

Second Opinion: Hitching a ride in GM and Segway's PUMA
Justin didn't have to take off his leather jacket to comment: "There's already much better two wheeled vehicles out there. They're called motorcycles. No one will buy this tippy monstrosity. No wonder GM is going to the dumps."

Robot with the brain of a 2 year old looks unspeakably evil
Stonepolis, for one, isn't welcome our new overlords: "They better hardwire Asimov's three laws into this freak and add a big red killswitch somewhere within easy reach!"

Crazy looking Honda Zeppelin features swiveling front seats
Zombies8MDingo has a cave with a parking spot ready: "Holy Batmobile!"

Four hot rumors about the upcoming iPhone III
Twilight isn't drinking the Apple juice (yet): "Incompatibility is what you get when the US insists on going with its own "standards" (while the rest of the world went GSM). Since GSM was made available in the US (Cingular/AT&T), I've refused to use any non-GSM service so I'm happy Apple went GSM (then again, I don't have an iPhone yet as I don't need most of the features)."

Breathable chocolate gives you pleasure without the calories
Traveler will walk it off in no time: "More likely to make one MORE hungery than less. "