Comment Spotlight: The most talked about of the bunch

April Fool's Week Day can make any of us seem silly when we speak up. It can also make us skeptical of the good stuff. Take this advancement in fusion power research, for instance. It's real, and it's awesome.

See what else got you talking with the most buzzed-about articles this week:

6 gadgets we wish were April Fool's jokes, but weren't
CCfan said what was on everyone's mind: "Dude, the clock is awesome."

18 room Hotelicopter hotel would be the largest helicopter ever built (if it wasn't a joke)
Sarcasm's name says it all: "Yeah great so, if it crashes, it will be the greatest helicopter crash ever seen... The future is so promising indeed, sometimes I wish it never happens." Cheer up, buddy!

Honda research group unveils non-invasive human-to-robot interface
Roshinobi asked what had to be asked: "I wonder what Asimo would do if the guy accidentally dozed off..."

SHIFT: Networking your TV -- it's not just for geeks anymore
TSport100 is one zero short of a Terminator: "No house comes pre-wired for Ethernet and not many people keep their PC and/or internet connection in the living room... Short of using Ethernet down your power lines the best idea is probably having a wireless broadband modem connected to the living room phone jack with a hard-wired connection to your TV devices and wireless to your PC where-ever that is in the house! "

Day 0 Hands-On: HP rolls out monstrous 8-way workstation, the Z800
Bristle3's mind was totally blown: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but did it say 196GB of RAM?!?!? The most I've seen in a commercially available computer is 36GB in the Apple MacPro..."

White House plans modified Washington Monument in 'carbon-free' National Mall
Gamerguy1701 forgot to check his calender: "Why not just build a 10 megawatt turbine near the city, rather than defacing a national monument? Not to mention that the top of the Washington Monument doesn't turn, so wouldn't the turbine only work if the wind is blowing in the right direction?"

Insane 65,000-brick LEGO space shuttle may as well be the real thing
wikiBuddha needs a vacation: "What would have really put it over the top would have been a stop-motion video of the construction process. Otherwise, me thinks somebody had too much time on their hands. I'm jealous!"