Cloud magnetically levitating sofa is the greatest couch concept, ever

I'm going to break your heart right off the bat: this is just a concept. Boy, but what an awesome concept it is. Dreamed up by D.K. Wei, the Cloud "magnetic floating sofa" captures the kind of thoughts anyone has while lazing around and staring at the clouds.

From the designer:

Cloud is a sofa concept designed for ultra comfort and relaxation. The soft floating upper part is supported by the magnetic force generated by the bottom base. No matter if you want to work and sit with comfort or simply a power nap to release the stress, you can always enjoy your time to relax on the floating cloud.
Wei received an honorable mention for Cloud in a relaxation design contest. (I have to say, looking at the other entries — and they're great — if that was a DVICE-run contest, Wei's Cloud would have won hands-down.)

Check out the gallery below for more of the Cloud sofa.

KooTouch, via Boing Boing Gadgets