DXG-125V: HD camcorder for less than $100

Who would've believed even a year ago that you'd be able to buy a high-definition camcorder for less than $100? Believe.

In July, you'll be able to buy the DXG-125V, which shoots 720p video using H.264 compression along with 3 MP still pics, for less than a C-note. Not only is the slab-shaped model cheap (its official price is $99.99 but you'll probably be able to find it for around $90), it's also waterproof, which means it's perfect for shooting action on the ski slopes, beach and while yachting. It comes in red, military olive and winter camouflage, and all come with a lanyard with a compass attached and run on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You'll have to buy an SD card to start recording.

For the more dainty videographer - and DXG says that 75 percent of cheap camcorders are women - DXG will have $130 models that look like clutch purses. In the Luxe Collection, due in August, are the yellow/brown/white plaid Soho, which also has touches of leather, and three pseudo-quilted Riviera models in pink, black and pink, all highlighted with inlaid "bling." They'll come in a kit with a matching clutch purse-like case - even the box will match the camcorder design.

On the tech side, these traditionally-shaped camcorders power-up as soon as the 3-inch LCD flap is pulled open. The Luxes also capture 720p H.264 video, 5 MP stills, and all include an HDMI cable. What don't you get for the low price? Just 2x zoom and no image stabilization. But they look so elegant!