BumpTop acts like desktop of the future, now free to download

We saw BumpTop when it was a mere design concept last year, but now the 3D icon-slingin' desktop can find its way to your PC. Download it now — it's free, PC-only — and see for yourself how easy it is to stack up icons, search your files by simply typing, sling icons around and pin them on virtual walls, and organize them in logical stacks with a simple lasso and right-click.

While we don't spend that much time on the desktop, this might be a good way to organize things. It's even dual-monitor aware, letting you use this cute 3D room on one monitor and the normal interface on the other. For $29, you can upgrade to the Pro version with extra features, but we're digging the free version for now. Try it — it's easy to uninstall if you don't like it.

BumpTop, via All Things Digital