Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array: on-the-go live music system

Musicians have always had a problem getting amplified sound in many venues. Their choices were to plug into a questionable existing system, lug around a heavy amplifier, or going unplugged. Bose has a new system that will be a godsend to many coffeehouse musicians. Any restaurant owners want a simple way to start an Open Mic Night? Check it out.

The Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array System is, as the name suggests, a small complete amplification system that's the most portable member of the Bose L1 lineup. Although not exactly lightweight, it's small enough to be carried along with a guitar in one trip - essential for many city-dwellers who rely on public transportation. The total packages weighs about 29 pounds. The single speaker array can be setup with extender columns as a floor-standing system or on a desk or tabletop without the extensions.

The main body contains a subwoofer, amplifier, monitor, PA, mixer and EQ with custom ToneMatch presets for two inputs, while the loudspeaker features a 14-inch line array for sound big enough to fill a large room. The line array uses the Bose Spatial Dispersion technology, to create a broad image, even on the edges of the listening space from the single sound source. The older L1 models sounded quite good, so there's little doubt that this will as well. It will be available starting in May for $999.

Don't limit the Bose L1 to just musicians. Business meetings, parties, classrooms, sporting events, charity events — anyplace you want to be heard well and sound good doing it.