Battlestar Galactica's DRADIS faithfully recreated for Evochron space sim

Click enough links on the internet and you'll find something interesting. Which is how I came across spelk's mod for Evochron Legends, a free-form space combat and trading game.

Well after being inspired by another players' (Warsign) customisation efforts, I thought I'd love to have a go at integrating the Battlestar Galactica DRADIS console into [Evochron Legends]. I found a screengrab of the Galactica DRADIS system from a scene in the new series, and thought it would be kind of exciting to mould it into EL's cockpit...
You can get the files here, where spelk has also posted the screengrab of a DRADIS display he used. His mod doesn't seem to change the functionality at all, but it does change the trim around the edge of the display, making it more Battlestar Galactica.

I haven't played Evochron Legends, but spelk has plenty to say about it here.

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