Axxana Phoenix the perfect data storage system for paranoid conspiracy theorists

The brainchild of an Israeli start-up, Axxana's Phoenix is a bombproof — nay, pick any scenario from a big-budget disaster movie and, rather like Bruce Willis, it'll survive anything you throw at it — recorder. The solid state flash memory disk array backs up and stores data, and (brace yourselves, Sheila) will set you back some kind of six-figure sum. I could tell you just how much, but then I'd have to kill you.

The whole system consists of four components. As well as the Black Box, which stores the recorded data at the main site, the Collector gathers the data before encrypting it and sending it off to the Box. At a remote site (you know, the one that Jack Bauer has to get to with the help of Chloe before the whole world gets blown up by a crazed dog groomer from Poughkeepsie) you'll find the Recoverer, which does exactly what it says. Finally, there's a Management Application Tool which keeps an eye on the system, telling you if it's working or not. But it's the toughness of the Axxana Phoenix that really catches the eye. Boy, testing this baby must have been fun.

The black box-esque data recorder can withstand an hour of 2000 degrees Farenheit, followed by six hours at 450 degrees, as well as being submerged beneath 30 feet of water. Tests run on the Phoenix included dropping a 500-pound rod from a height of 10 feet onto its armor-plated body, 40Gs-worth of earthquake shocks and 5000 pounds of pressure. That kind of puts Will It Blend into perspective, doesn't it?

Axxana Phoenix Via New Launches