Australian Knight Rider controls his Mazda RX-8 using an iPod Touch

This is what you do when you're a geek with wheels. Jonathan Oxer has hacked his Mazda RX-8 so that he can unlock it, turn it on and even open the trunk — using his iPod Touch. All of this is possible due to the car having built-in 3G, thanks to the Ubuntu Linux' operating system, which means he can start it up from wherever he is in the world.

There being no end to Jon's geeky fabulousness, he can check the position of the car using Google Maps, and keep an eye on the car's performance. For extra security — should his iPod be stolen, he can still unlock the Mazda using an RFID chip he's had implanted — in his arm. I guess you're trying to tell us you've lost your car keys, mate!

GeekMyRide Via OhGizmo!