At last a watch from Tokyo Flash that is easy(-ish) to read

Consider the Kisai Denshoku watch from Tokyo Flash. Now, we all know just how difficult the japanese firm's timepieces can be to read — remember this one which tells you the time via morse code? — but this latest watch, with its LED light bars reminiscent of the old graphic equalizers, is an altogether simpler proposition. That is, if you have the patience to wait for the three stages of the display to finish.

So, first things first. The number of bars displayed on the watch face directly correspond to whatever hour it is. So, if it's 5 o'clock or later, then five bars will light up. The second time the display lights up indicates the minutes in increments of ten — so, if four bars light up, then it's 5.40-something. Finally, the third time the display flashes is to show how many minutes past 5.40 it is. See? It's so simple even a big kid could use it.

There's an animation mode which, once pressed, lights up to show each of the twelve subsequent minutes. More Kanye than Flava Flav, the Kisai Denshoku is available in either black or white, both with orangey-red LEDs, and costs around $236.

Tokyo Flash Via TechnaBob