Arrington's $250 Crunchpad tablet PC prototype looking good

When tech publishing maven Michael Arrington said last July he would create Crunchpad, a Firefox web tablet for less than $200, we cheered him on. Now he's accidentally (on purpose?) leaked pictures of the device, which looks like it's well along in its development.

Arrington specified a 12-inch screen, built-in camera, no hard drive or keyboard, and direct-to-browser booting. He adds that it will cost less than $250 to build (slightly higher than his original price), it's using an Intel Atom processor, and it's running Ubuntu Linux.

Can he do it? The price is already creeping up, and he's not saying anything about wireless connectivity yet. Keep in mind, Arrington is not a consumer electronics manufacturer, but an ambitious man with a great idea and lots of connections to get this Crunchpad designed and built. From the looks of it thus far, he has a good chance of succeeding.

Via TechCrunch