Apple puts mute on Safari

There are some sounds that are good to hear from your computer — the notification bell for an instant message, the happy sound of "You've got mail," the comforting "bing" when you've saved a work document, and even the sound from your iPod or

However, some other sounds might not be as welcomed at work. My favorite Thai takeout plays an annoying little tune as soon as their website loads. I can't get to the mute button fast enough, if I can even find a way to mute it.

Obviously, you can control the overall volume of sounds from your computer, but you can't differentiate between sounds you want and sounds you don't.

According to the Apple Insider, Apple is looking to add preferences to Safari to allow users to control what audio is heard from the web. Apple is proposing volume controls that can be set for individual websites and store these in user preferences. So you can always hear the sound from, but never from the Thai takeout. The plan even includes a gradual fade-in of the sound to give you a chance to mute if it's getting too loud.

All we have to say to Apple is, "What took you so long?" Keep reading for a mock-up of what it could look like.

Via Apple Insider