Animal-shaped radiators a furry good idea

The Victorians may have been wild about taxidermy, but here's a 21st-century version with a twist that actually serves a purpose. Dutch designer Guus van Leeuwen has been showing off his three-dimensional, animal-themed radiators at the Milan design fair. And they're pretty impressive — although you'd need a pretty big space to show them off in.

Van Leeuwen's Domestic Animals radiators are made using between 40 and 60 pieces of steel tubing which are bent using a computer and then welded together by the Eindhoven-based designer. The radiators can then be connected to the heating pipes via the tail. The pelts are real and have been filled with wheat seeds in order to conserve the heat.

While we're no stranger to strange-shaped, somewhat fugly radiators as well as ergonomic eye candy that really begs a heating redesign, but having either a reindeer, dog or ram for you to warm your hands on really would be something else.

Gewoon Gus Via Dezeen Via Born Rich